A Conversation with Impact Nutrition

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About a month ago I was able to connect with one of the owners of Impact Nutrition, a smoothie and juice bar located right here in Corpus Christi. We had a great conversation as I learned more about how they started and what is upcoming for their business.

What motivated you to open up Impact Nutrition?

Impact Nutrition is the first business I have partnered with and brought to Corpus. My business partners and I went to an event in Louisiana and learned about the nutrition club model. We used this to create our own space here in the Coastal bend.

What was the official launch date and how long did it take for you open the business?

Sept. 22nd was our first “official” day! It took about two months of build out to get us where we are, but we are glad to have been well received.

What sparked your interest in nutrition?

I was always overweight, but I never minded my appearance. What made me more interested was learning how mental health and nutrition correlate. I started exercising and eating natural foods and noticed how much happier I felt when I fueled my body right!

What can we find on your menu?

The menu has healthy meal replacement shakes, protein coffee, energizing teas, and occasionally protein donuts when we have time to make those.

What were some of the first drinks you made at Impact Nutrition?

Caramel Praline Brownie, Blue Razz, Fantastic 5, Love Potion, and white chocolate raspberry were our first flavors we made for our drinks.

Where do you derive inspiration for your drinks?

Mostly from ice cream flavors or desserts people might crave. This way it never feels like anyone is missing out on treats, and it helps the pickiest eaters get healthy nutrition.

Are there any new drinks in the making?

Almost everyday! We do what we can to have fun behind the bar. We love mixing things up to find our newest tea/shake/coffee flavors especially for the holidays.

Do you have any personal favorite drinks?

Matcha Lover AND Pomegranate Matcha are my favorites.  I am obsessed and that combo makes every day a good day.

What is your goal with impact nutrition and your customers?

To make sure everyone leaves feeling happier than they came in. Most people just come in expecting to get a drink and leave, but the most meaningful conversations happen at Impact Nutrition and our newest locations, South Side Nutrition and Corpus Christi Nutrition. 

I see you have a go fund me page, can you explain a little more about this?

Our GoFundMe page has been utilized to provide first responders with free immunity teas during the original COVID-19 outbreak. We did a lot of donations to the hospital staff thanks to the love of Nueces County.

I have met a few loyal customers that love Impact Nutrition, how did they hear about your business?

We personally invite a lot of people via Instagram and Facebook! We are also getting back into the habit of handing out flyers in person now. A lot of invites come from word of mouth, too.

What delivery service does your business use? 

We mostly do all of our own deliveries. I believe some people have ordered through Favor, but we aren’t partnered with anyone specifically currently.

What other local business do you like visit?

Personally, I love Roasted, 8te, Trendy Eats Vegan Treats, Tiffany’s Finesse, and so many more! It’s incredible how closely and willing small businesses are with helping each other out.

Are you originally from Corpus?

I’m actually from a small town in North Texas called Graham. It’s close to Dallas, but even closer to Wichita Falls, TX.

If you could offer any advice to anyone trying to open their own business, what would you tell them?

1. Market 2. Save 3. Grow

Market: Take your journey on your social media page. If you can sell without a physical location DO IT ! This involves customers who will be SO excited when you get your physical location and, trust me, they will be regulars (and some of your best friends later down the road). 
Save: Use the money from sales to save up for your physical location and start creating a budget for the first 90 days of business, or set aside some money from your current corporate job to reinvest into your personal business.
Grow: If you plan on having employees or business partners, make sure you are working on your people skills. Working with people in a corporate setting is different than leading your own team. Be ready to have some uncomfortable conversations, and be willing to work on yourself so it’s done in a tactful way.

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